Texas A&M University's Pre-Medical Society has general meetings every other Tuesday at 7:00pm in Rudder 301. At these meetings free food, updated society information and free MCAT preparation prizes will be given. There will also be an exceptional speaker in the medical field who discusses what it takes to become a physician, other options in the medical field and their personal experience as well as their involvement in developing aspects of the ever changing field of medicine. 


Our sister organization ECHO (Executive Council of Health Organizations) will meet on the Tuesdays we do not have a Pre-Medical Society meeting. During these meetings snacks will be provided and admissions staff and medical students will come speak about the medical school application process and different medical schools in Texas.

We will have Pre-Med meetings on Tuesdays at 7 pm in Rudder 601 (unless otherwise announced) on the following dates:

January 28: Karen Hudson, pre-med advisor at the Office of Professional School Advising*

February 11: Dr. Christine Laky - OB/GYN Maternal Fetal Medicine and an active duty Lieutenant Colonel in the Army

February 25: Dr. Jamie Fergie -->Pediatric Infectious Disease

March 18: Alzheimer's Philanthropy Meeting

April 1:  UT Health Science Center San Antonio student panel*

April 15th: Officer Elections

*meetings will be located in PSYC 338

ECHO meetings will take place on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in PSYC 106 on the following dates:

January 21: Guest speakers Jonathan Brewer, Jordan Mckinney, and Taylor Meyer (all invovled in medical missions)

February 4: Dr. Anne Blum -->JAMP advisor

February 18: Baylor College of Medicine 

March 4: TMDSAS

March 25: University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

April 8: Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (El Paso)

April 22: Texas Tech University Health Science Center (Lubbock)

Make sure to check the Pre-Med Calendar page for updated event and meeting information.



The Caduceus

The Caduceus  or Cad for short is Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society's Weekly Newsletter. It keeps our members up to date on current society events, medical news and information on that night's speaker and MCAT giveaways. Make sure to pick up a weekly edition that are handed out at our meetings. If you would like to look at previous published Cads, download them here during the semester!

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